Based in the Midwest

Our Facilitators and Trainers

We are partners in helping your group communicate and collaborate to meet the end goal. No two clients are alike. Our skilled facilitators bring years of experience to the table to listen to your group’s needs. Our facilitators are practitioners in determining a group’s meeting needs. No one has time for bad meetings. Our facilitators work with your group to design meetings that run at maximum efficiency.

After initial consultation our facilitators work together to determine the facilitative skill sets needed to meet your group’s goals. Facilitators collaborate to make sure that your group works with the facilitator that matches your group’s needs.

Our Value Proposition

Provide people the confidence to efficiently guide any group from chaos to consensus to commitment by equipping people with simple, easy to apply techniques and hands on practice through training or administrated by a facilitator.

Our Facilitators and Trainers

Charity Adams

Vision Fusion Consulting

John Beranek

Intersections Group

Deb Burnight

Facilitated Resources

Kim Howe

CoCreative Labs

Greta Leach

Mission matters

Shelby Pierce

Pierce Porter Facilitation

Kayla Schnuelle

Mission matters

Colleen Svoboda

Facilitated Resources

Aimee Viniard-Weideman

Daybreak Transition Partners