Do You Want to Run Meetings Where Great Things Happen?

Facilitators design and manage meetings to help groups do what they need to do  - from simple problem solving to profound culture transformation.

Use Facilitation To Get Results In Your Next Meeting

Learn Facilitation Skills

Our customized approaches equip you with simple tools and principles to confidently move any group from conflict to consensus, from confusion to clarity, or from chaos to commitment.


Partner with a Facilitator

Facilitators co-design and manage meetings to help groups do what they need to do together effectively - from simple problem solving, to profound cultural transformation.

We Train and Facilitate Where You Are


Our facilitators are skilled at hosting in-person events and training workshops.  


Our facilitators are masters at hosting virtual workshops. They use a variety of technical tools to replicate the in-person feeling in a virtual environment.


Our facilitators adapt quickly to accommodate the rapidly changing way that groups gather. They create new ways for people to engage in a hybrid setting - both in person and virtually.


"Strategic, intentional and fun to work with. They are very dynamic and have a plethora of experience and expertise. Their ability to listen, understand and facilitate strategic meetings is phenomenal. I highly recommend you start the conversation with them."

- Community Organizer

"With clear session objectives, Kim guided us smoothly through strategically planning our next move. Her examples and illustrations were a delight and helped the group understand the process. Thoughtful and thorough, but also very skilled at articulating the details and tough questions that need to be asked when goal setting. Thank you for sharing such an impactful process!"

- Civic Leader

​"We all worked together to identify goals, challenges, and dreams and practical steps on how to make those things a reality. The facilitator asked the right questions to the right people in the right way to make the time engaging and productive for our team."

- Nonprofit Board Member

"Kayla has been a tremendous asset to our leadership team in her role as a facilitator. During our annual and quarterly multi-day planning sessions, she does a great job of moving us forward to accomplish what we need, while still having fun in the process. She has been so effective that we have started to bring her in for other projects besides our regular planning meetings, because we know that when Kayla is facilitating the meeting, we will focus on the right things and get more done.”

"John’s leadership acumen and Charity’s conversation and collaborative design skills greatly assisted the Department of Education and the state Historical Society to develop an implementable strategic plan. Their ability to facilitate trust, communication, and assist us with going through the tough stuff meant the world to so many of our staff. We know have a road map all know how to follow. They’re real pros!”

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.


This training was amazing. I feel like we just scratched the surface...   I am eager to start practicing and hone these skills with further training!

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