Based in the Midwest

Charity Adams

Phone: 308-379-9119

Vision Fusion Consulting

Charity Adams is the owner of Vision Fusion Facilitation and Consulting. She is a Certified Technology of Participation Facilitator and Trainer, member of ToP Facilitators Network, and an Associate of Great Plains ToP Trainers.

Charity’s distinctive folksy style, a harmonious blend of warmth and authenticity, effortlessly adapts to any setting.  Whether in a boardroom, community hall, or virtual platform, she crafts environments where participants instantly feel at ease. Her genuine demeanor ensures that spaces become places of open communication, where people, regardless of their backgrounds or positions, feel welcomed, valued, and safe to share their insights. Whether it’s a compact team needing guidance for an hour or an expansive, multi-dimensional project spanning several months and engaging hundreds of diverse voices, Charity is adept at scaling her facilitation techniques to suit the task at hand.

At the heart of Charity’s facilitation approach is a profound belief that every voice matters. She is unwavering in her conviction that inclusive dialogs can transform communities, businesses, and organizations for the better. She uses proven facilitation methods to help groups move from conflict and confusion to clarity, commitment and action.

Charity, her husband Darren, and Jasper the Springer Spaniel live on the their family farm in Cairo, Nebraska. Charity currently serves on the Hall County Extension Board, and finance committee for Christ Lutheran Church.